Nuevo sXe Injected 12.3 Fix 5

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Cambios / Mejoras

.(+)Add: Public/Private cheats blocked [nigthvision, wallhack, smoke, Gh0s7]
.(+)Add: 640×480 Screenshots
.(+)Add: Game added to Windows DEP
.(!) Fix: “Window name error” for CS 1.5
.(!) Fix: Micro freeze taking OpenGL screenshots
.(!) Fix: DEP related crashes
.(!) Fix: Server hangs checking updates
.(!) Fix: Smoke Granade fix and sprites blocked
.(!) Fix: Alias fixed and blocked Last Fixes
.(!) Fix: Day of Defeat “missing client” error
.(!) Fix: hl.exe crashes

.(!) Fix: hl.exe crashes related to Steam
.(!) Fix: New Server released, Fix random kicks
.(!) Compatible con Counter Strike 1.6 v49E Fix 1.0

NOTE: Hay un nuevo anti-speedhack se ejecutan en servidores, y está funcionando bien. SpeedHack y RapidFire es inútil ahora. Así, no hay razón ahora para desactivar AntiSpeedhack.

sXe Injected Setup 12.3 Fix.5
sXe Injected Server para Windows
sXe Injected Server para Linux

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  1. avatar Holk dice:

    Che Una Pregunta Que Juego Descargo El Counter Strike V49 1.0 full o el Counter Strike v49 1.0 [Patch] ?

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